Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Mushroom Patch . . .

So, there's mushrooms in our yard. How amazing!

Actually, it's not that amazing when one really thinks about it, but it definitely entertained my youthful side over the past weekend. With the economy plundering into an oblivion of AHHHH!!!, it's seems harder and harder anymore to have a good time on the weekends. And when one lives their life for the weekend, the last thing any of us want to think about is how depressingly boring the weekend will truly be. My answer to this, make even the most mundane aspects of life into something grand. Even if just to kill time.

Mushrooms, as can be defined from almost any reliable source: are fleshy, spongy, fungi thingy's that live typically above the soil and consist of a stem, a cap, and gills. Isn't that just fantastic?!

No, not really. At least, no one else thought so. All weekend I went on and on about our little mushroom patch. As if it was some enchanted village that existed in my very yard, though they were really just the result of this dreary summer weather we've been having here in Ohio. Everyday it seems to rain, with the exception of this weekend, and so it really wasn't any surprise that spores, mold, fungus, and what have you, would arise from the damp, muddy ground. But when was the last time you recall actually seeing mushrooms in your yard? It had been many, many, many years since I can remember mushrooms just sprouting up right outside my backdoor. So yes, I was rather captivated by these little spongy things, and decided to make the most our of them.

With really no way to afford an entertaining evening out, I spent my Saturday immersed in the simple pleasures of youthful enjoyment as I took it upon myself to do arts and crafts. My girlfriend found this rather entertaining herself, and laughed at me . . . or rather mocked me. This of course sprouted up a fleshy, spongy conversation in which my age came into question. I agreed that yes, I'm in my late twenties, and yes I still love to play and draw and do things that would be typical of a third grader in art class, but it beats sitting around, getting drunk and playing video games or watching television. My immature outlook on life has been the topic of conversations before with family and friends alike. I agree that I have an over active imagination and can't let go of my youthful vitality, but come on . . . mushrooms! My girlfriend did say that she loves my imagination and creativity, and that I would be really great with children . . . that made me happy, but in truth, I was trying to find the best way to make the most out of something very typical and boring. Like I said, mushrooms! More than that, a mushroom patch. An enchanted, mystical world where all manner of creatures live. Tiny little insects living tiny little insect lives, coexisting with even smaller organisms like bacteria, all of which try to survive amidst the harsh lands of man. And who can't admire that? Furthermore, who's going to protect such a mystical world? Why fairies of course . . .