Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Bitter Button

So Kayla has this dream of running her own lil' business sewing zipper pouches and whatnot, and when we were trying to think of a name, we instantly loved The Bitter Button.  So I, in my ageless pursuit of enjoyment, has been trying to keep her dream alive by entertaining her with my own little mythos behind The Bitter Button.  As such, I made a stupid lil' video . . . enjoy!  Or don't!

Friday, October 8, 2010

In Just 100 Words

Autumn Attacks

Within the forest the fall leaves fly from the trees and swim on the breeze, landing here and there softly, gently. It’s beautifully serene, but the aliens watch cautiously, yet mesmerized as the leaves litter the landscape in an array of autumn colors.
“Interesting,” commander Czulk comments as the alien spaceship settles in a nearby field. “It appears those organic creatures are hurling parts of their extremities.”

Suddenly, the wind changes directions and the leaves float towards the aliens, sticking to their spaceship.

Terrified, horrified, commander Czulk cries, “Holy Knight Rider, we’re under attack! Shields up! Evasive maneuvers! Fire! Fire!”

Thursday, October 7, 2010

In Just 100 Words

Way To Go Kid

Mommy always said, “Pick your toys up off the floor before someone trips and falls.” But who could’ve guessed that it would’ve been a burglar? It’s an odd sense of justice, but you should’ve done as mommy said; because it’s your fault mommy has to pay the burglar’s hospital bill and reparations for their time off work. Not too mention a small, undisclosed sum, for post-traumatic stress as the burglar now proclaims they can no longer visit any toy stores, for the sake of their children, due to some sense of paranoia and fear. So, do as mommy says.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Astral Conflagration

So here's a little music video for the song "Astral Conflagration" by band Silver Cypher (who I am currently drumming for).  The song is from our upcoming album (as of yet untitlted) and it's still in its pre-mix stages, but I figured it sounded good enough to post . . . by the way, as for the "music video" aspect, it's honestly just some video clips of the band recording but I spent a lot of time (up to six hours) editing the clips, splicing them together, and making it match to the music.  It was honestly a lot of fun, so much fun that I decided to call off work! 

P.S. from the first glance at the video's thumbnail, it appears to be another drum video of me, it's not!  So, enjoy!