Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In the Studio

So, this past weekend was my first session at Litter Box Studio recording material for Silver Cypher's upcoming fourth album. While there, I had some extra time to kill and decided to record a lil' ditty consisting of some old, old (like teenage old) material. I'm not the guitarist, but I do play, and occasionally I have the opportunity to lay down some riffs for Silver Cypher. Jon Krech, lead singer and founder of Silver Cypher suggested I recorded the riffs not only for the band, but for myself as well. The result was a short little song that I couldn't wait to jam out on the drums. And completely unrehearsed, I gave the song a go and the band was quite happy with the first take. So here it is . . . the first studio take of "Utopia."

Keep in mind, it's un-mixed and doesn't have any vocals yet.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Writer Writes . . . some words

Holding hands
-- more exhilarating than a kiss,
As finger tips
-- amidst vigorous innocence,
Rock across tantalizing hips,
Does one not see
Two hearts
Too in unison
To ruin
Such tender moments
With tender lips
. . . whispering sweet somethings?