Monday, March 28, 2011

Look, a Book!

You can read my review of Livi Michael's The Whispering Road at Goodreads: C. D. Brinker review.

Please visit my personal collection of books at Goodreads: C. D. Brinker  (or simply click on the button on the right of my blog) and check out my other reviews.

Suffice it to say . . . Decent Book, Good Read.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Look, a book!

You can read my review of Jesse Bullington's The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart at Goodreads: C. D. Brinker review.

Or you can also find it at: Skull Salad Reviews

Please visit my personal collection of books at Goodreads: C. D. Brinker  (or simply click on the button on the right of my blog) and check out my other reviews.

Suffice it to say . . . Good Book, Good Read.

On track . . .

Whew! What a ride it has been these past few weeks/months. A lot has been accomplished, and I am ever so grateful that it's all over . . . and just in time for spring too!

The list thus far:

1. Finished moving (unpacking)
2. Bought a car
3. Turned 30
4. Published (upcoming spring issues)
5. Passed exam for CPhT

1. Unpacking always sucks! Especially when you have as much junk as I do. My closet is filled with old toys, old notebooks, boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of novels I've yet to read, a couple of guitars, a bass and drum pads . . . and that's just in our very apartment! At my folks storage/garage I have more guitars, an entire drum kit, old video games, et cetera. I have a lot of junk! But alas, our apartment is fully furnished and decorated (for the most part). As such, I decided to reward my efforts by doing the following puzzle:

Definitely not easy! Kayla bought me the puzzle for Christmas after I saw a few puzzles based on M. C. Escher's art and expressed a desire to do one. Little did I know that putting together a puzzle that's completely black and white is ever-so freaking difficult! But it'll be worth it in the end. And when I'm finished, it will hopefully be framed and hung up on some wall. Joyous!

2. Yeah, I finally went out and bought a car. A 2008 Honda Fit. A little hatchback of the soccer-mom variety, or so people mock, but I like it! The hatchback provides a quick and easy way for me to transport music equipment and the fact that it gets 35 mpg is just plain awesome!

She has been named Meepers Creepers on account that Kayla likes to joke about the car, often saying "Meep, meep," in reference to my driving the thing; and of course the other half of her name is derived from my musical tastes. Ergo, the name fits . . . pun intended! Sadly, however, some nimrod nicked/dented the rear door (presumbly by whacking their door into mine) just 10 days after my acquiring the vehicle.

3. Turned 30.

4. Getting published . . . yes, finally! After years and years of writing and submitting and reading rejection letters that begin with Dear ______________ we are so delighted that you took an interest in our magazine, but [. . .] I am finally seeing a few stories in print. More details on that later . . .

5. And finally, after fretting and avoiding a much needed certification for the better half of a year, I passed the exam for my CPhT. What is a CPhT? It's an acronym! Duh! Okay, but what it stands for is Certified Pharmacy Technician. I work for a pharmacy, have for years, and about a year ago I was accepted into the Technician Department on the approval that I earn my CPhT within one year as is required by law. So, to put it simply, failing to obtain my certification as a CPhT means losing my job! At first, I didn't care, but as the months wore on and the deadline grew nearer I really began to freak out . . . more so because Kayla has the exact same job as I do and told me horror stories about her exam and just how hard it was. Needless to say, I studied college-cram style for about a week and passed the exam. So all is good. I get to continue to sit in a cubicle wasteland! Yay! But seriously, I'm very delighted to have this certification.

. . . and that's all folks! With everything all wrapped up and completed I can finally get back on track with other endeavors. I still have a few projects and a number of stories in the works and now find myself with a giant load of free time to spend however I wish! With spring here, my days really do seem to get brighter and longer! (How cheesy?)