Thursday, June 30, 2011

Busy Bees

It's been quite some time since I've made a post, but that's only because time has been spent accordingly:

1. One whole week without internet (router died).
2. Two weeks of work, work, work.

That's right, I said life without the internet. How horrible! You know, I'm old enough to remember life without the internet and how simple (and exciting) life was back then. I remember being in high school when the internet was within its first stages of life and I recall a number of people (myself included) thinking that the internet was just another fad . . . here today, gone tomorrow. I remember having to write research papers which required no less than two internet sources. Do know how big of a pain in the a__ that was back then?! Citing internet sources was as simple as drilling a hole through Superman's chest! (The obvious analogical explanation being impossible as Superman is merely a figment of imagination . . . rather than Superman being indestructible . . . but now is not the time for philosophical hogwash). Seriously though, the internet . . . what a drag it was back in the mid/late-nineties. I mean, the only individual I knew who had the internet was my sister, and I would have to spend an entire evening at her house just trying to understand how to find research papers on various topics for essays, all the while my sister bugging me about needing to use the phone (dial-up internet . . . awesome).

Then everything changed. Soon, naked people were on the internet and music was easily accessible, movies too, and the wealth of information grew so vast that the library itself became inane. I remember being in college and professors would specifically state that we could use no more than two internet sources for research paper -- they wanted us to go to the library. Do you know how annoying that was?! The mere physical exhaustion of having to walk all the way across campus just to get on a computer to locate a book?! Thank god for recreational substances which helped soothe the research process within the library; otherwise, the whole ordeal would've been a complete drag.

Anyway, life is now in full swing as our internet has been fixed . . . somewhat. We received a new router, but the internet cuts in and out whenever we access Netflix. Oh well. Besides, I don't think either Kay or I could survive another day without the internet. Sure, it motivated us to do more meaningful things with our time, but it was quite torturous after a few days. But it's odd: life before the internet seemed so fresh and exciting, but life without the internet today is so d____ dull it's like having a conversation with a mime! (The obvious analogical explanation being moot as mime's too are a figment of your imagination . . . philosophically speaking).

However, as I stated, life without the internet has driven Kay and I to pursue more creative avenues; not too mention our company hasn't had a lot of work these past few weeks, for which early-outs and all-day-call-offs have been approved. With so much free time, and a strong passion for creativity, I have jumped head first into a new project which I hope will be completed relatively soon. I won't give too much way (for I've rambled-on long enough . . . and Kay says words are the deaths of blogs [as cited, via internet, by professional bloggers]), but I will share some of the details very soon.

Until then . . .

Friday, June 10, 2011

Satanic Teddy Bear: Immoral Morals and Other Terrible Tales

So here it is folks.  It took several hours, along with numerous cups of coffee and cigarettes, to finish this baby. This is my first attempt at self-published Zine.  For the most part it was merely a test run for future projects in this format, and I must say I found it quite easier than I had originally suspected.  Oh, the power of technology (Mac style!) . . . I did of course run into a number of problems, such as printing and converting to a PDF file, but in the end I finally did it!  My very first Zine for your [dis]approval.  Feel free to read it.  Simply click on the link!  Happy readings!