C. D. Brinker . . . is who?

Somewhere in the midst of Ohio, there exists many worlds whispering within the mind of C. D. Brinker (that's me!).  There's the world of writing, there's the world of music, there's the world of art, there's the world of philosophical annoyance, and then there's the world of the mundane: the litter box, the dishes, the laundry.  The latter of these worlds isn't very spectacular, nor does it offer much in the way of enthusiasm.  So, let's avoid that world.

As I writer, I have a love for various forms, genres, sub-genres, styles and themes floating about the literary world.  My stories (and especially my poetry) can be rather cryptic in nature as I have a strong interest in philosophy and literary movements (i.e. absurdism, surrealism, existentialism).  I have obtained a B.A. in Philosophy and English: Creative Writing and love finding ways to encorporate the two.  As such, most of my writing doesn't fall within the mainstream categories (though I am not opposed to mainstream genres); I just have a deep love and appreciation for structure and style.  

As a musician, I'm very opinionated about musical interests.  I have been a percussionist (drums) for twenty years and am self-taught on the guitar and bass.  I did the high-school band thing.  I did the basement band thing.  I did the rock-bar band thing.  I have a strong interest in various sub-genres of heavy metal, but I have an appreciation for jazz and am growing fond of a few indie-artists as well.     

As an artist . . . I like to draw. 

Please, peruse my pages and see if there's anything you like.  Stay awhile, explore, relax.  You might stumble upon something odd or off-beat, but hopefully you'll find it charming.

C. D. Brinker