Monday, August 27, 2012

Music Update

It's been a big week for me musically.

First was a rather lengthy recording session for Silver Cypher this past Friday.  Preparing for the session was in itself exhausting -- I wrote a few click-tracks for and spent a number of hours practicing to them to ensure the recording would go smoothly.  All in all, the recording went really well.  I was able to finish up all the necessary tracks needed for the upcoming fourth album (untitled) and even managed to lay down a few tracks for the next installment of Silver Cypher.

Afterwards, I packed up all of my gear and hopped across town for another recording session.  A local musician wishing to record a few demo-style songs needed a drummer to help fulfill the sound he was desiring.  I threw a few chops his way for a couple of his songs and he seemed rather pleased.  Not real sure what the outcome will be, but it looks promising.

And I've also recently accepted a part for Blood Drums, a production of Street Drum Corps, which will be hosting a show at Kings Island during the fall as part of the Halloween festivities.  On Sunday I met up with the other local cast members, it was rather refreshing to be in the company of percussionists who could speak drumming lingo.  

So all in all, I really love playing the drums.

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