Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blasting Back Into Action

It's been five months?! Five d___ months? What have I been doing???

A lot.

Kayla and I are now engaged. The proposal was nerve-racking, my hiding the ring for a whole month while simultaneously striving to devise a special gift for the occasion. As a joke, Kayla once said "[she] would like a snow-globe for Christmas, with a diamond ring in it."  Coincidentally, that week on the morning news a report was aired on Christmas Creativity, in which middle-aged housewives explained DIY snow-globes.  And so, voila!  A plan had formed.  On Christmas day, as Kayla stared into a DIY snow-globesque creation I concocted (complete with a gaudy, giant glass-diamond ring), she was rather puzzled.  Until, I asked gently for her hand marriage.  

She accepted.

In other news, Kayla's RV purchase has been quite the obstacle, but with a little help from some parentals and a lot of back-ache, our journey to Tennessee for a week of musical-debauchery will go smoothly.  The RV is a beast . . . a loud, rumbling, behemoth of pastels and childish-imagery.  I like it!

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